Sunday, 17 July 2011

Hime Gothic Lolita Co-ord~

A little back to black

Blouse - Bodyline
Jumper Skirt - Bodyline
Tiara - Offbrand
Gyaru Handbag - Offbrand

As some few of you know, I used to be a Gothic Lolita about 2 years ago, and have not worn black since. But recently, part of me, has missed part of that in me and I have decided to slowly bring it back, mixing it with my new addition to Hime Lolita.

I really enjoy this look, but it barely feel's like me, in the scene of self recognition but it is a really lovely outfit to wear, for the odd days that color is a bit much~

 Set 1

More for a warm day. This has more detail on the hair, to be worn with hime heals and stockings. The blouse has had the sleeves taken off as well.

Set 2

For more of a cold day. This has the hair flatter if a hood is needed incase of rain or a hat, to be worn with tights *as displayed* The blouse is on fully with sleeves.

(Little note)

My eyelashes are worn slightly above my lash line to make my eyes look bigger and more "doll" like, this is a personal preference just for the more "doll' like appearance for my eyes. I would advice to usually wear them close to you're lash line as recommended


  1. I love that wig on you, it is just stunning, I will have to check that shop out next time I go wig shopping because I need one or two more for daily use.