Sunday, 17 July 2011

Hime Gothic Lolita Co-ord~

A little back to black

Blouse - Bodyline
Jumper Skirt - Bodyline
Tiara - Offbrand
Gyaru Handbag - Offbrand

As some few of you know, I used to be a Gothic Lolita about 2 years ago, and have not worn black since. But recently, part of me, has missed part of that in me and I have decided to slowly bring it back, mixing it with my new addition to Hime Lolita.

I really enjoy this look, but it barely feel's like me, in the scene of self recognition but it is a really lovely outfit to wear, for the odd days that color is a bit much~

 Set 1

More for a warm day. This has more detail on the hair, to be worn with hime heals and stockings. The blouse has had the sleeves taken off as well.

Set 2

For more of a cold day. This has the hair flatter if a hood is needed incase of rain or a hat, to be worn with tights *as displayed* The blouse is on fully with sleeves.

(Little note)

My eyelashes are worn slightly above my lash line to make my eyes look bigger and more "doll" like, this is a personal preference just for the more "doll' like appearance for my eyes. I would advice to usually wear them close to you're lash line as recommended

Happy Birthday Gia~

And many wishes of love

 Photo by Grace
Kath, Me, James, Gia, Nikki, Grace, Hanna, Heather
 Photo by grace
Kath, Me, Gia, Nikki, Hanna, Heather
 Photo by Grace
Gia cutting her cake
 Photo by Grace
Gia with her cake
 Photo's By me
Casual Classic Co-ord
For a nice hot day out to the beach

Sunday, 10 July 2011


About bloody time...

My mac has been a bit lame as of late and my old phone worse but I finally got the programs working enough to finally upload my vid's from October Expo 2011

So please enjoy my random vid's <3