Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Wig Cleaning Tutorial

A clean head means a clean mind~

Mini warning about
Gothic Lolita Wigs (GLW's)

This wig is from gothic loltia wigs. Contradictory to what they told me and many others their wigs ARE NOT HEAT RESISTANT and melt/burn when you use heat on them. Even on an extremely low heat like I tried. This wig does not also go back into it's curls like a good wig is meant to but there are a few ways around it. The reason I bought this wig was so I could style it when desired with the colors shades I really desired and it's a shame that it does. The hair falls and bangs is different fabric from the rest of the wig, which is an extra disappointment. 

I also took this to a wig specialist in my local town too, she was also disappointed in the wig (many the fact this is meant to be a wig with ringlets) and what I paid for it. 

But if you want a straight wig to work with for teasing/backcombing etc the wig is good for it, but for curls I would advice going to Cyperous wigs ( http://cyperous.com ). It may cost more but the wigs will last for curls unlike this one. I have also herd that GLW's are changing their wig designs due to this fault, which is a really bad start for a wig company but least they are changing things.

Realistically this wig is good for straightness only, not for curls, thanks for reading

Tutorial time
Washing a wig

What you will need
1. Fine comb
2. Bottle of shampoo 
3. Bottle of conditioner
  4. Cold water
5. A towel twice the size of the wig length
6. Wig Stand/ Swan Neck wig stand (if possible)

  Step 1

Test you're wig. If you're wig is good enough it should be fine for washing it, any really cheep wigs (aka £8 ones from a joke shop) do not really wash well and wont change the cleanness of the wig as it is mostly plastic.

You can test by using a small section of the wig underneath, following this tutorial to see if it helps to wash, brush and clean the wig, if it works do this with the whole wig.

 Step 2 

Fill the sink up with cold water, enough to cover the wig. Then add shampoo to the wig and wash thoroughly as if washing you're own hair. Try to brush you're finger throguh the wig to help remove tangles gently.

 Step 3

Rinse out the wig with cold water to make sure all the shampoo is out. Do this form the scalp of the wig to the base.


 Step 4

Once the wig is rinsed of water coat the wig in conditioner and leave the wig in the empty sink for 15 minutes approx once done, rinse out wig with cold water until all the product is washed out.


Step 6
Place the wig onto the towel, in the center of it and spread the wig out like a circle. WAIT TIL THE WIG IS DRY (I kept mine wet out fo choice because of the wig damage) Once spread out begin to comb the wig form the tip of the hair to the top, small section by small section.

Do this until you have combed out the entire wig. This may take a LONG time but will be worth it~


 Step 7

If you have done it whilst wet you can leave it to dry on the towel, checking every hour or so. You may need to change the towel allot as it will get wet.

Or place the wig on a wig stand, with a towel underneath to catch the excess water. You can give it a little bit of a brush again too once you've carefully placed it on the stand.

If you have done it dry brush you can skip this step

If you followed this how to correctly you're wig should end up like this...

As good as new 

Please review the note in red above if you have not already about this wig in partic~. A really good wig will be heat stylized and will also curl back into its curls/rignlets. This wig from GLW's only briefly curls.

Happy to help~


Thanks to liala, I may be able to fix this wig yet with this tutorial;

will try it out soon <3


  1. Sorry, but you should NEVER comb a wig when it's wet! That's why the curls will have fallen out.
    It can also cause the wig to shed hair dramatically >.< the best way to get the curls back will be using the hot water method.

  2. Oh this was done when the wig was already damaged by the trying to style the wigs^^ Thanks lia i'll make it more clearer

  3. Thanks for posting this! Definately helpful :)