Thursday, 23 June 2011

Wedding Cake Hat

A non edible wedding cake~

  Wedding Cake Hat
One of the most heaviest thing's I own and have made. This hat is probably the most OTT thing I have in my entire wardrobe, so much silicone on this bloody thing but oh so fun to wear~

In the middle of creation
 With the top on
 Left to set
 Larger image of the hat from a few angles <3

This hat is coated with an arraignment of pearls, roses and tuns of charms and again is shown another hello kitty charm with rhinestones. The flowers on this hat are roses and gardenia's, some in bloom others just bud's, a very beautiful theme. I believe the funnest part's was adding the pearl dangling off the sides of the hat, it just added a little extra cuteness to the overall design.

The main thing I NEED to change about this hat is how it stays on the head, I need a bigger slide and a thicker ribbon, once I have them it'll sit allot more evenly on the head side.

Wearing my Hat with Mana Sama (I wish)

 Displaying sweet loltia section at Nemacon
Trollin my rori

I woudl like to re-create another hat like this someday but in a more pink shade and smaller. The smaller it is the less deco cream would be added, meaning a lighter hat. Wore this hat for the full almost 18 hours at Nemacon on the Sunday and home so either fix how ti sits or re-make <3
Again probably the most OTT thing I own~

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