Thursday, 23 June 2011

Summer Solstice in Whitby

A day with Georgina and James in Whitby...

 Derpy so stereotype before we left

Despite the weather not being on our side it was a wonderful day. We had burst of Sunday with attacking of rain on and off. It was fun snooping throguh this town as I've herd so much about it from people who go to the Whitby Goth Weekend, but I have never been. Frankly it is a quiet town and a really good place for tourism, in fact me and Georgina ourselves brought an attraction with how we dressed and with our stalked parasols.

 The rain
 Our stop for treats
Shoes! Those Brown rose wants were so cute
 Alternative style Wedding Shop
Signs for Summer Solstice in allot of closed shops

This town is full of shops and displays, with many wonderful things to do. If the weather was better I so would have jumped on a boat and had a little trip on the water passing through the town!

 Tea time with violins
 Relax Shoes of Whitby
Huge flower shop display
 Closed candy shop
 The shepherd's Purse
 Marie Antoinette Cafe
OMG we just missed closing time

Whitby is one of the nicest place's I have visited and I'm so grateful to have gone their with Geo and James.  Next time I hope I may go earlier so I may visit the Abby, travel on the boat's and see more or the area, who's knows I may even one day go to Whitby goth weekend~

 Cute Mori style shop
 Moonman's merch! So cute!
 Epic Pagen Wicca Shop
 Romantic Tea Shop
 Steal mini dress form
 Peaking in a cute shop
 The owl and the pussycat
 I want that dresser table so much!

Georgina and Me

All and all I'd say this was the best Summer Solstice I have had in a long time <3

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