Thursday, 23 June 2011

The Shepherd's Purse

What a Beautiful Shop...

 Lace and alteration section

 Photo of the shop outside

The Shepherd's Purse is a beautiful shop, mixed with home made and imported food's and clothing. A wonderful accommodation with a dress and gift shop filled with natural and complementary therapies for the body and mind. This shop displayed an arraignment of unusual treats most based on old tricks form Victorian and Rococo time periods.

 Dressing area
 Georgina viewing the cloths on display
 Beautiful Display cases
 Lush layout, want a bedroom like this~
Beautiful til area for the clothing section

Right in center heart of Whitby me and Georgina were welcomed in with a smile, despite the shop being overrun with costumer's. The shop was filled with Beautiful mori and lolita style cloths, a vegetarian deli, very romantic treats and full of organic products.

 Jewelry display case
 A beautiful area full of all natural skin cleansing products~
 Dried roses, they smelled beautiful~
 Outside the shop
A welcoming display

I would love to spent a night in the room's they provide and spend more time enjoying the beautiful product's they provide. If you would like more information about The Shepherd's Purse please check out the link to their home page and underneath a view of inside the accommodation~

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  1. An exquisite lodging with a gown and gift shop filled with natural