Thursday, 23 June 2011

RelaxSHOES of Whitby

You got to love customization...

 Holding Geisha Bag product
Info for contact

Thanks to Georgina for our weekend mini review, we popped into this wonderful shop to wear Geo was getting a costume bag designed.

Straight away the shop was filled with a wonderful happy atmosphere and the cashier was very Friendly. After giving us a brief history and view of the place she handed Geo her beautiful pink geisha bag. This shop is known for customization of bags and color's, and filled with a variety of alternative brightly colors bags, shoes and accessories...

 Huge display of beautiful bag's and style, perfect for lolita, including a sugary carnival style bag and some Gyaru style rose bags
 Sugary Carnival style bag~
Beautiful Rainbow flats

The bag Georgina got is part of a set, and can come with matching shoe's I am extremal curious and if I can gain £45+ for the bag and more for the matching shoes I would be extremely happy. The stuff displayed and gained is beautiful quality and seams to be a long lasting set of products.
 Matching flat for the geisha bag's on order
 Geisha Bag in Golden Brown
 Beautiful display
 Poster display
Shot of Georgina's, James and My feet~

I highly recommend this shop if you have a bit of money to spare and woudl happily visit it myself again~

For more infomation please check in store, call or check online at

RelaxSHOES of Whitby, 
3 flowergate, 
YO21 38A

01947 506416

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