Thursday, 30 June 2011

Past Times...

Trip back to stereotype British past items...

When out with my friends we popped into this cute British loving shop called 'Past times' More of a wicked shop for vintage style household items and jewelery so thought I'd share it with you. 

Located In Middlesbrough, this shop is full of vintage goodies and with a current sale you could get some really adorable and fabulous things for you're house. I'm planning on moving home soon, and this place has some adorable things inside including rose scented pillows, vintage stools and perfectly crafted jewelery and cases~

 Adorable Jewelry box
 Rose scented pillows
 Loads of home decor
 Good old British swag
 cute mirror sections
 I have this silver mirror and comb set at home <3
 Beautiful rose stool~
 carved music boxes
 the hungry caterpillar
 Lush vintage jewelry
 Lavender heart broach
 Dorthy slippers broach
 Fairy and animal garden wear
 vintage vinyl player
 mini barrels
Cute vintage necklaces

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