Tuesday, 28 June 2011

The Olde Young Teahouse

The Olde Young Teahouse

84 Grange Road,


Myself and a group of local lolita's decided to have a mini trip to the wonderful tea house in middlebrough. I have been going to the tea house for awhile now and always have I been very impressed by he service, the variety and the welcoming atmosphere which is the Olde Young~

 Tea Variety
 Service is wonderful and pastries/cake's divine
 Beautiful deco~
 Cute nick nacks
 Homeless outdoor entrance
 More selection
 Choose your own tea up
 Photo in the beautiful mirror in the pleasant restroom
My order of Carmel Tea with Milk

 The service at the tea house is always pleasant, not only can you order and sit quite quietly but the servers are extremely down to earth and pleasant. Its easy to have a 'banter' or 'chat' with the staff and the layout of the shop makes it very easy for groups of people to sit and chill.

They serve a huge variety of tea from Carmel to Jasmine, they also serve coffee as well for those no tea goer's. The food is extremely lovely, platters of plates are provided for groups on request and they do a huge selection of different types of cafe catering including stuff for vegetarians.

 North east lolita mini meet
Left to right
Me, Heather, Emma, Carly, Jessica and Bonbon

 Myself in hime/sweet
 Heather our pirate lolita
 Bonbon in a sweet classic co-ord
 Carly with her Metamorphose and Moite~
 Emma rocking her red
 Cute little Jessica with her casual bitter sweet
Casual Candid

This shop is very lovely to alternatives in fashion and is extremely friendly to everyone! They happily welcome anyone and are known well from the Middlesbrough Japanese fashion community, North East Lolita fashion community, Nemacon Community and the North East & Middlesbrough Cosplay community~

From my own experiences at the tea house, I would advice if you want a cup of good tea in Middlesbrough and some wonderful service please go to The Olde Young Teahouse


You wont be disappointed~


  1. awesome review sammi..always great to visit the tea house.. the tea house also hosts a young ladies society were they hold craft meets and bodyshop parties (which ive had the pleasure to run)
    fantastic staff and atmosphere, one of the many of middlesbroughs treasures

  2. <3 oh i agree so much! its a beautiful place to go! I would love to host more meets their myself such a wonderful place to go <3