Thursday, 23 June 2011

Nemacon 2011

 Waking up after 1 hour of sleep, day 1..

 We woke up in the early morning to finish everything off and get ready for Nemacon, discovering my wig from gothic loltia wigs is not heat resistant as it told me it was *all lies on their behalf* so I had to make do with what I had as I headed of to the event.

 Wig Fail thanks to wig from Gothic loltia wigs

The night before, well the 3 day's before til then, I had spent them trying to finish my stock for the lolita shop and stuff for the charity auction, luckily everything turned out wel and frilly~

Stuff In separate box to carry safely to the event

Shoe shot
 Dealer room being set up

After finally being able to be ready we made our way to Nemacon! Me, Georgina and Julie got their super early to the event build up, Day one for the lolita section was very easy to maintain thanks to the loltia cat walk and film displays. We also had our guest Aisha doing a few of the girl's make up before show time~

 Image from the Independent

Image from Gettyimages (plez excuse my derp face, got us in candid shot)

 Everyone getting ready

Heading for the cat walk

After the main event for day one, we settled down and sort out the night event with the band's  

Alice Moving Under Skies 




 I also had a small chance to take pic's of the best cosplayer's of the day~

Natasha Tyler (dress as Chi) & me
Amazing Kingdom Hearts Cloud cosplayer

Waking up after 4 hour's of sleep, Day 2...

Felt allot better on day 2, gave me a little extra time for a better outfit and better hair. This Wedding Cake Hat, made by me, was more trouble than it looked all day but it still was allot of fun to wear for our sales and, insite of loltia fashion and tea party day.
Morning dress up
Setting up shop

After a small mishap which delayed the lolita section by 2 hours, It was a consuming of time job to re-set everything up but once everything was set, the loltia lounge was booming. The room ended up being so packed we did not have enough chairs for all the guests, and it was such a shock that it happened too. So for nemacon 2012, the room choice is gonna be so much more huge~

My sweet loltia section
Tea bro~
setting up before people came in
Me derping in my section for a mo~

Once everything was set up and the shop was finished I was able to sit down for a moment to have a nice break with soem Carmel tea provided by

Theoldeyoung Teahouse

 Images provided by the Olde Young Tea House

84 Grange Road,

I sat and enjoyed trollin throguh Alice and a Few Gothic Lolita bible provide by our Gothic lolita section girl Debbi, it was really lovely looking through them and made me want to buy more than the one I have, a fun future investment

Books set out
Me with Mana Sama... Oh a girl can dream~

After the event was ended all the staff, including myself, were set on stage to do the stereotype caramel dancing song. As much as I felt like a fool it was so fun seeing how enthusiastic all the guest were, they also made it though the whole song screaming along to it.

My conclusion, NemaCon is probably the bets con I've ever been to and more so it is an honor to be working for them

If you'd like anymore information on NemaCon review's from here, to the USA and even to Japan, please check out these websites

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