Thursday, 30 June 2011

Love forever

And forever and ever...

Love forever is a cute shop in the mist of town that sell's loads of shiny cute accessories very Hime, gyaru and mori style~

With my lovely group we popped inside to take a gander, whilst inside I could not help but speak as I walked into a sale!

After spending a good 15 minutes running throguh this shop loving the inventory i came across the cutest this! A fabulous little slide in tiara was £22 reduce to £5 limited time offer! I spent a good amount of time staring between the girls and the tiara, biting my nails in pure "OMG GET!" But after fobbing myself a treat I was convinced by others to get it anyways and it is so FABULOUS!!!!

 Mini before photos

 Tiara in question
"Do I dazzle you?" *twilight reference

I wish to go to this shop again asap, but knowing my luck the sale will be gone! But least I got this fabulous tiara, in which I plan to co-ord with for the Hyper Japan event coming next month!!


  1. so cute! I would like a tiara of my own as well someday...

  2. Daww you can get them easily online, I was lucky this was reduced so much i wouldn't really have bought it otherwise <3