Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Fashion Spot 3...

All About

What is you're name?: 
Rachel Locke
What is your style?: 
Gothic, Wa, Classic, Sweet
How long have you been into said style?: 
4-5 months
What inspires you?: 

How does this style make you feel?: 
Feminine and Beautiful
Do you have a favorite brand?: 
Fanplusfriend Garden

What is your favorite item of clothing
- that you own: 
My pink Fanplusfriend JSK with heart shaped pockets

- that you'd like to own: 
 Wa dress made by dolldelight

Kimono and high waist skirt. ♥ Doll Delight Cyril Lumboy


Any thing else you'd like to say?: 
love ya Sammy -winks and hugs- you rock

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