Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Fashion Spot 2...

All about

Emma Louise Walker 
General lolita, working towards a classic lolita style

but dabble in gothic and sweet from time to time
How long have you been lolita:
I have been interested n the lolita fashion since i was 14 but never had the guts
to go and be the person i wanted to be. in september 2010 i took the leap.

What inspires you:
Being an avid gamer my mind was
fixated on spending money to fill that obsession, now with being a lead singer in the band I had a reason to be centre stage and be whoever I wanted.

I chose to go ahead and be the lolita I always dreamed of. My bank account now suffers for my new obsession :P

How does this style make you feel:
Lolita makes me feel extremely confident, I feel asif I can do anything. a long sufferer of depression lolita fashion is my cure. if im in frills and lace I have a smile on face. 

I crave shock factor, any reaction is a bonus, if I have your attention I must be different and thats what I want to be.

What is you're favourite brand 
Personally I prefur independant brands like dear celine if i had to choose a main stream brand it would probably be metamorphose temps le filles because i know i can fit in there bigger sizes without worry.
For style and patterns alice and the pirates/baby the stars shine bright

What is you're favourite item of clothing that you own

I dont have a favourite, more a colour. All my red garments are my favourites, these include;

red and white polka dot metamorphose jsk

bodyline alice skirt

bodyline red classic flowers halter neck

replica angelic pretty fantastic dolly

What is you're current dream item you would like to own:

dance of the black cats - alice and the pirates

Anything else you'd like to add?
As of july 2011 i have become unemployed. The north east lolitas (and my fiance jason) have kept me sane without them i would give up. my recuring illness is permitting me from keeping in work and the girls welcomed me with open arms and are keeping me warm
thank you all of you my frilly ninjas x
Check out my band live injection and see the lolita in action haha


  1. love the dress at the bottom! I think I shall follow this blog C:

  2. thankyou sammi :)