Friday, 24 June 2011

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Bonbon at NemaCon 2011

What is you're name?: 
Jordan Ward -Bonbon-
What is your style?: 
Sweet Lolita
How long have you been into said style?: 
About one year
What inspires you?:
All of my friends ^^

Trying sweet lolita the first time

How does this style make you feel?: 
One of a kind, uniqe, a bit like a doll
Do you have a favorite brand?: 
I love angelic pretty, even though I own nothing from there XD

What is your favorite item of clothing
Bodyline Alice Jumperskirt

That you own:
My Bodyline, Alice in Wonderland jsk

Sugary Carnival Black, Angelic Pretty

That you'd like to own: 
Angelic Pretty, Sugary carnival One Peice

Any thing else you'd like to say?: 
A lot of people don't rly guess well but I am actually a male lolita

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