Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Boyes Fabric sections...

Oh fabric why you so hard to find?

 Fur Fabric Section

Ah maybe no after all?

This is a mini shot of the fabric selection you get at most boyes locations. If you're anything like me, it can be a huge pain to locate the fabric's you need, epically in larger stores. Boyes is a perfect shop for those extra bits and bobs you need for fabric creation. I use this place religiously for my felt hats, and lace trimmings, as the selection of lace is incredible~

So here's a few images for you fabric goer's for Boyes shops in the Uk~

 Beautiful Flower Selections
 Wide range of fabrics
 Wool sections
 Music note fabrics~
 bits and bobs for card making, buttons, etc..
 more bits and bobs
 pastel wool section
 Fur again
 card making section
 beautiful oversized features
 cute scissors
"I own a pair of these in pink"
 Flowers and wedding parts
 buttons, ribbons and dyed
 feature boa's
 tunes of miniature roses
close up

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