Thursday, 23 June 2011

Bonnet Comission for Jessica Nyappy

A little bit country...

 The bonnet I created for Jessica, displayed on my scary Mana Sama make up mannequin head

 All around view of said bonnet

 Photo's provided by Jessica Nyappy

"Review for Samanteina Bloodmyer - I asked Sammy to commision me a bonnet and this is the final product i waited quiet a while for this but Sammy did her best to complete it as quick as she could. The bonnet is really strong as the inside is woven from wicker, it stays on my head cofortably from the grip sewn into at and the ribbon, i really love this bonnet it goes with absolutely everything, i love the frills sewn onto it since i asked for BtSSB style! I wore it out today and i got so many compliments from my Japanese friends and others, i really reccomened her because she puts a lot of work and love into what she commisions and shes clear on how she will make it and gives you options of materials"

I am so grateful for Miss Nyappy's lovely review and am so thankful it got to her okay. The bonnet is one of my new designs in bonnet style, and like Jessica requested was based off BTSSB style of bonnet. It took awhile to make this and extra time since I was on holiday before I could start this commission but this also gave me and Jessica more time to shop and discover fabric choices.

If I were to do this bonnet again, which I plan to, I would love to make some more fuller roses for the side of the bonnet and possibly try this bonnet with a rose style of print~

Thank you Nyappy for you're cute photo and honest review ^^

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