Thursday, 30 June 2011

Love forever

And forever and ever...

Love forever is a cute shop in the mist of town that sell's loads of shiny cute accessories very Hime, gyaru and mori style~

With my lovely group we popped inside to take a gander, whilst inside I could not help but speak as I walked into a sale!

After spending a good 15 minutes running throguh this shop loving the inventory i came across the cutest this! A fabulous little slide in tiara was £22 reduce to £5 limited time offer! I spent a good amount of time staring between the girls and the tiara, biting my nails in pure "OMG GET!" But after fobbing myself a treat I was convinced by others to get it anyways and it is so FABULOUS!!!!

 Mini before photos

 Tiara in question
"Do I dazzle you?" *twilight reference

I wish to go to this shop again asap, but knowing my luck the sale will be gone! But least I got this fabulous tiara, in which I plan to co-ord with for the Hyper Japan event coming next month!!

Past Times...

Trip back to stereotype British past items...

When out with my friends we popped into this cute British loving shop called 'Past times' More of a wicked shop for vintage style household items and jewelery so thought I'd share it with you. 

Located In Middlesbrough, this shop is full of vintage goodies and with a current sale you could get some really adorable and fabulous things for you're house. I'm planning on moving home soon, and this place has some adorable things inside including rose scented pillows, vintage stools and perfectly crafted jewelery and cases~

 Adorable Jewelry box
 Rose scented pillows
 Loads of home decor
 Good old British swag
 cute mirror sections
 I have this silver mirror and comb set at home <3
 Beautiful rose stool~
 carved music boxes
 the hungry caterpillar
 Lush vintage jewelry
 Lavender heart broach
 Dorthy slippers broach
 Fairy and animal garden wear
 vintage vinyl player
 mini barrels
Cute vintage necklaces

Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Fashion Spot 3...

All About

What is you're name?: 
Rachel Locke
What is your style?: 
Gothic, Wa, Classic, Sweet
How long have you been into said style?: 
4-5 months
What inspires you?: 

How does this style make you feel?: 
Feminine and Beautiful
Do you have a favorite brand?: 
Fanplusfriend Garden

What is your favorite item of clothing
- that you own: 
My pink Fanplusfriend JSK with heart shaped pockets

- that you'd like to own: 
 Wa dress made by dolldelight

Kimono and high waist skirt. ♥ Doll Delight Cyril Lumboy


Any thing else you'd like to say?: 
love ya Sammy -winks and hugs- you rock

Boyes Fabric sections...

Oh fabric why you so hard to find?

 Fur Fabric Section

Ah maybe no after all?

This is a mini shot of the fabric selection you get at most boyes locations. If you're anything like me, it can be a huge pain to locate the fabric's you need, epically in larger stores. Boyes is a perfect shop for those extra bits and bobs you need for fabric creation. I use this place religiously for my felt hats, and lace trimmings, as the selection of lace is incredible~

So here's a few images for you fabric goer's for Boyes shops in the Uk~

 Beautiful Flower Selections
 Wide range of fabrics
 Wool sections
 Music note fabrics~
 bits and bobs for card making, buttons, etc..
 more bits and bobs
 pastel wool section
 Fur again
 card making section
 beautiful oversized features
 cute scissors
"I own a pair of these in pink"
 Flowers and wedding parts
 buttons, ribbons and dyed
 feature boa's
 tunes of miniature roses
close up